Our History

Bangladeshi American Society is a non-profit, non-political public benefit organization registered in July, 2019.

The goals and objectives of the Society are:

  • Provide cultural, intellectual, social, physical, spiritual, and charitable welfare to the people of Bangladeshi origin in the USA
  • Promote goodwill, understanding and appreciation of cultural heritage of Bangladesh among all persons in the United States of America regardless of color, creed, race, religion and national origin.
  • Promote friendship between Bangladesh and the United States of America.
  • Promote cultural exchange with any other group or organization or institution interested in Bangladeshi culture, history, and heritage.
  • BAS and Bangladesh Center (BC) shall facilitate all activities for any professional, educational, interfaith, or cultural organization, provided that such organizations are non-profit, for public benefit and abide by U.S. and respective state laws.

Our Mission

In order to achieve its goals and purposes, the Society shall seek to provide

(a)        Forum for expression of common concern of the community.

(b)        A vehicle for exchange of information and views on matters of interest to the Bangladeshi community.

(c)        A forum for expression of ideas by distinguished speakers on topics of interest to the community.

(d)        A mode of propagation of the cultural heritage of Bangladesh through various means.

(e)        The physical facilities to establish library, museum, and exhibitions.


(f)        Space for an educational center for Bangla language, art, and folklore.

(g)        A meeting place for Bangladeshi-American cultural enrichment.

(h)        A forum to inculcate among the children and youth of the community the values of Bangladeshi Culture and promote leadership among the new generation of Bangladeshi Americans.

(i)         A forum for honoring any distinguished person, Society or institution who has contributed substantially for the cause of Bangladeshi people and/or culture, and

(j)         Provide Scholarship for higher education and also extension of any kind of help in the field of higher learning by raising funds in various ways.

BAS’s next step

The honest and hardworking young people will lead this organization soon. This organization will build today’s young people tomorrow’s compassioned leaders. The quality work, share, respect, and teach each other will make better organizational environment.

Our vision


  1. Celebrate Bangladeshi cultures and different Bangladeshi national occasions and days.
  2. Will build a Bangladeshi Community Center
  3. Arrange a Bangladeshi-Bangla Language school
  4. Help Immigration, Legal and insurance counseling
  5. Housing assistance, Preventive health care and Education
  6. Employment training and information
  7. Crisis intervention, support groups, and case management

Committee and Members:

The executive committee will be for two years and only the register members can be run for the executive committee.


Funds will come from members and people donations (very soon donation will be Tax deductible). The BAS committee will be responsible people money and we guarantee it; the account deposit and withdraw must have black and white; every year will broadcast on social medias.

What We Service