Message from President

M. Sayedul Hoq (Sentu) - President


M. Sayedul Hoq (Sentu)

Bangladeshi American Society
Phone: (805) 696-3374

Dear Friends and respectable,

Welcome to all. It is an honor and privilege to serve as a President of “Bangladeshi American Society (BAS)”.

Background: Officially founded in June 2019, but a group of people thinking to create an excellent organization about last five years. Bangladeshi American Society (BAS), fortunately the BAS is born. The BAS is not a competitor or nor substitutes of other organizations in greater Los Angeles area. The BAS requests to welcome and join all Bangladeshi people.

Goals: The BAS respects all religious and political opinions, but as an organization will be above of all. The BAS executive and others sister sub-committees consist of all opinions of Bangladeshi people but they cannot practice political and religious opinions in this organization. Soon, Bangladeshi American Society (BAS) will be formed a non-profit 501 © organization.   

Mission:  we want to put together all people in a one umbrella without leadership fight. All members will think outside of the box and achieve a common goal for the Los Angeles Bangladeshi community. The members’ opinion will count, and decisions will be taken democratic way. The BAS members/committee want to declare no animosity to anyone, will make friendship, help and respect other organizations programs and cultures.

Visions: The honest young people will lead this organization soon. This organization will build today’s young people tomorrow’s compassioned leaders. The quality works, respect, share and teach each other will make better organizational environment. We want your support; may Allah help us.

Message from General Secretary

Humayun Kabir - General Secretary


Humayun Kabir

General Secretary
Bangladeshi American Society
Phone: (213) 925-8399

Dear Friends and respectable,

Welcome to all. It is an honor and privilege to serve as a Secretary- General of the Society of “Bangladeshi American Society (BAS)”. I want to salute all members’ commitment, hard work and vision in leading BAS to the thriving and vibrant organization it is today. Whether you are a member or considering joining, I hope you find what you are looking for here. Surely this organization is new, but our members are dedicated, generous and potentials. Our Bangladeshi community devises the best and our members are commuted to do so.

We need every Bangladeshi people help, support and donations to execute the following programs:


    1. Celebrate Bangladeshi cultures and different Bangladeshi national occasions and days.
    2. Will build a Bangladeshi Community Center
    3. Arrange a Bangladeshi-Bangla Language school.
    4. Help Immigration, Legal and insurance counseling.
    5. Preventive health care and education.
    6. Housing assistance.
    7. Employment training and information.
    8. Crisis intervention, support groups, and case management.

Committee and Members: The executive committee will be for two years and only the register members can be run for the executive committee.   

Funds: Funds will come from members and people donations (very soon donation will be Tax deductible). The BAS committee will be responsible people money and we guarantee it; the account deposit and withdraw must have black and white; every year will broadcast on social medias.