Our Goal

The Bangladeshi American Society (BAS) in Greater Los Angeles County is on a mission to build a stronger Bangladeshi community in the USA. Established in July 2019, this non-profit organization is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and resources to individuals of Bangladeshi origin, regardless of background through a variety of initiatives and programs,
BAS is committed to promoting cultural heritage, fostering unity, and enhancing the well-being of the Bangladeshi community.

From celebrating cultural events to offering immigration and legal counseling, BAS strives to address the diverse needs of its members in the Greater Los Angeles area.

One of the key priorities of BAS is to create a sense of belonging and inclusivity among its members.

The society operates on a democratic decision-making process, ensuring that all voices are heard and respected.

By promoting unity and collaboration, BAS aims to prevent leadership conflicts and create a harmonious community environment.
In addition to its community-focused initiatives, BAS is also in the process of establishing a dedicated Bangladeshi Community Center in Greater Los Angeles County. This center will serve as a hub for cultural activities, educational programs, and social services, further enhancing the support network available to the Bangladeshi community.

As part of its efforts to engage and empower community members, BAS has a website that will serve as a central platform for information, resources, and communication.

The website will feature a range of tools and functionalities related to self-awareness, disaster management, education, and sports, catering to the diverse needs and interests of the Bangladeshi community in Greater Los Angeles County.

Through its commitment to unity, cultural appreciation, and community welfare, the Bangladeshi American Society is playing a crucial role in strengthening the Bangladeshi community in the USA. With its inclusive vision and dedication to public benefit, BAS is paving the way for a brighter future for individuals of Bangladeshi origin in Greater Los Angeles County and beyond.